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DUA SL is a customs agency based in Asturias (northern Spain) enabled for any customs procedure in the five duty-free areas of the region: Avilés Road (ES003351), Avilés Port (ES003331), Gijón Road (ES003341), Gijón Port (ES003311) and Asturias Airport (ES003301).

Commit to DUA SL any management related with the administrative bodies linked to customs: phytosanitary, health (SANIM/SANEX), pharmacy, commercial quality control (SOIVRE & COM), veterinary, etc. We are already checking for other Spanish customs agencies without headquarters in Asturias.

If you are sending centralized customs clearances from other EU country, by any of the five Asturias duty-free areas, please count on us for your inspections (red circuit clearances, FRONTEX Risk Analysys Unit paralyzations, etc.).

We guarantee full professionalism, while we will keep you informed in English during the inspections, even taking and sending pictures if necessary.

At the same time, we are sales representatives in Asturias for one of the most powerful forwarders of Spain, so if you want to move goods to Asturias, or from Asturias, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for an estimation on the budget.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at